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Inherits UserControl.

Wraps .NET PasswordBox to achieve binding and preserve dotted data representation. Has ability to toggle password visibility, show a hint icon, and an enter button, which triggers an event when clicked. 



<Controls.Common:PasswordBox Padding="5,5,1,5" VerticalAlignment="Top" BorderThickness="1" BorderBrush="DarkGray" ShowEnterButton="True" ShowHint="True" Hint="What do you think it is? ;("/>


Name Type Description
ShowEnterButton bool Gets or sets flag that determines enter button visibility.
ShowPassword bool Gets or sets flag that determines password visibility (dots versus text).
Placeholder string Gets or sets placeholder text.
Password string Gets or sets the password.
ShowHint bool Gets or sets flag that determines hint visibility.
Hint string Gets or sets the password hint.

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